Math Festival Scholarship


In order to expand the opportunity for schools throughout California to benefit from the exciting learning of a Math Festival, CMC is offering $1000 scholarships to partially fund your school’s Festival. For more details about the Math Festival program including the fees, visit the Math Festival website.
There are two submission dates for festivals in the 2017-2018 school year – April 15 and November 1. A one-page follow up report will be due 1 month after the date of the festival.

In accordance with our beliefs and mission, priority will be given to underserved students and schools with demonstrated needs.

Apply here.

Past awardees:

Allendale Elementary School, Oakland
Coordinator:  Sarah Jane Kemp

Columbia Elementary School, Bakersfield
Coordinator:  Angie Summers

Gridley Elementary, San Fernando
Coordinator:  Jennifer Salazar

Magnolia Science Academy, Santa Ana
Coordinator:  Tugba Adanur

Quailwood Elementary, Bakersfield
Coordinator:  Kim Carlson

Thomas Starr King Middle School, Los Angeles
Coordinator:  Anush Altounian

The next round of applications will be due November 1, 2017 to be awarded December 1, 2017.