Math Festival Programs


What does MATH look like when it takes over your school?

Host a MATH FESTIVAL for your Students, Teachers, and Families

…and see for yourself!

Celebrate Mathematics with a Math Festival Program!

We are pleased to offer schools a wonderful way to celebrate mathematics learning. A Math Festival is a hands-on, interactive, fee-for-service program that can reach EVERY K-8 student at your school, and can also include coordinated programs for teacher professional development and outreach to parents and families as well.


What is a Math Festival?

A Math Festival is an exciting school-wide event to expose students, teachers, and parents to key critical mathematics topics in a positive, self exploratory, festival-like atmosphere. The Math Festival program is designed for ready access for Kindergarten through 8th grade students with activities and challenges appropriate for ALL ability levels. A Math Festival is good mathematics, Common Core Standards based, AND FUN!


See the Common Core Math Standards Come Alive!

Your students can experience the Standards first-hand at a Math Festival. Each of the three Math Festival options consists of 12 to 18 different problem solving activity stations, each focusing on one or more concepts from the Common Core State Standards in Mathematics (CCSSM). Each Math Festival Station has 12 to 24 different problem tasks to meet all student’s abilities and skills, Kindergarten through 8th grade. There are THREE Math Festivals available:

ALGEBRA Math Festival

sample Algebra CCSSM activity

GEOMETRY Math Festival

sample Geometry CCSSM activity

NUMBER Math Festival

sample Number CCSSM activity


Hands-on for K-8 Grades!

Math Festival stations are multi-graded and highly interactive. Students use everything from blocks and beans to balance scales to solve tasks. For instance in the Algebra Festival, at one station students make algebraic function patterns out of CUBES, while at another station they solve simultaneous equations with two unknowns using BEANS. Each station offers challenging tasks easy enough for young primary students and other tasks hard enough to challenge adults. During a Math Festival session, students working with partners solve many problems and visit many Math Festival stations.


Involve Parents, Guardians, and Whole Families—Everyone from Grandma to Baby Sister Can Enjoy Learning in a Math Festival!


Welcome your community to an evening or Saturday Family Math Festival and make a point about math. Your school can combine an all-day student Math Festival with a Family Math Festival that same evening, or host a stand-alone Family Math Festival.  Students can bring their whole family and work side-by-side doing the problem solving activities. Give mothers, fathers, guardians, and whole families an opportunity to enjoy mathematics together and learn about the mathematics their students study at school. Family Math Festivals can provide the meaningful parent outreach and involvement that is now required by many state and federally funded programs. Reach out to your whole school community, and share the beauty and power of mathematics!


Show Teachers How to Make the Excitement Last All Year Long Right in Their Own Classrooms!

The Math Festival experience can also include an after-school Math Festival professional development workshop to further extend the learning of the Math Festival station concepts and materials. Our Math Festival presenters can show your teachers how to take the Math Festival materials and extend the learning by using them as stations, activities, and structured lessons in their own classrooms.


Your School Receives Festival Printed Curriculum Materials!

Schools that host a Math Festival receive a set of that Festival’s printed curriculum, including copies of EVERY task at every Math Festival station, Math Festival instruction posters for each activity, Spanish translations of the instructions, lists of the materials needed for each station, answers to most of the Math Festival problems, and correlations of each Math Festival station to the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics. This Math Festival curriculum is designed to help your school extend the learning and excitement of your Math Festival all year long!


Students Solve Problems at a Math Festival!

Here is a sample NUMBER MATH FESTIVAL problem solving task, just one of over 200 different problems at a Math Festival:

 Pattern Block Fractions #9

Send a Powerful Math Message to Your Whole School Community!


For the greatest impact, consider hosting a student Math Festival, an after-school Math Festival in-service teacher workshop, and a Family Math Festival all in the same day! A Math Festival in your school can promote increased awareness of critical mathematics topics and the importance of mathematics learning for all students, while providing K-8 student involvement, teacher professional development, and parent outreach in a fully coordinated package. Each Math Festival can provide a rich, enjoyable learning experience with a lasting impact for your entire school community.




Satisfies State and Federal Program Requirements!

Math Festival programs are highly appropriate for state and federal programs requiring whole school and parent involvement. You can utilize a portion of your Title I funds for staff development and parent outreach as required by most state and federal programs. We urge you to include a Math Festival Program in your Single School Plan or Title I Improvement Plan.


 Math Festival Fee Structure*

SMALL SCHOOL STUDENT MATH FESTIVAL for SCHOOLS WITH LESS THAN 400 Students  (maximum FOUR 35-40 minute student sessions)                                                       $1500

REGULAR STUDENT MATH FESTIVAL for SCHOOLS WITH 400 to 900 students (up to six 35-40 minute student sessions in a normal school day                                                              $2000

LARGE SCHOOL STUDENT MATH FESTIVAL for SCHOOLS WITH 900 to 1200 students (up to seven 35-40 minute student sessions in a school day)  $2000 plus $100 for every 100 students over 900                                                                                                          $2100, $2200, or $2300

TWO–DAY STUDENT MATH FESTIVAL for LARGE SCHOOLS WITH MORE THAN 1200 students on two consecutive days (the Math Festival materials must remain set up for the entire two days to get this rate)                                                                                                                 $3500

FAMILY MATH FESTIVAL (when hosted the SAME DAY as a student Festival, maximum 1.5 hours)                                                                                                                                          $700

FAMILY MATH FESTIVAL WITHOUT DAYTIME STUDENT MATH FESTIVAL (weekdays or Saturdays, maximum 1.5 hours)                                                                                           $1500

TEACHER MATH FESTIVAL WORKSHOP (after-school on the SAME DAY as a student Math Festival, maximum 2 hours)                                                                                                                 $800

*Plus travel related expenses. Detailed cost estimate available upon request.

 For more information or to book a Math Festival for your school, please contact:
Paul Giganti
Math Festival Director