Family Resources


Parents are teachers! Here are a few sites that might help parents when working with their child’s homework help sites, practice sites, etc.


For Families

Other CMC family resources are located here.


At Home With Math

This site has ten math activities that help build math into things families do almost everyday. There is an English and Spanish version.


ED Pubs – US Department of Education

This is the main search page for the publications (most are free) that can be ordered or downloaded. Titles that might be most interesting include: Helping Your Child Learn Mathematics and a series called Summer Home Learning Recipes.


Figure This! Math Challenges for Families – Challenge Index

This is the main page of the site created for families to do math together with their child from NCTM. This site is also in Spanish.


Jefferson County Schools Mathematics – Math for Parents & Students

A page from a school district Web site in Colorado. The resources on this page include questions parent can ask their students, and links to homework help sites, and professional articles on parenting and math.


Math for Parents

This site says it is Ms. Benedick’s own home page from the Baltimore County Public Schools. It is organized and has annotations for each item on the list. There are a lot of links, and many are not working, but there are some good sites that are still active.