CMC-N Mini-Grant Application


Mini-Grants Up to $500

  • Cycle 1: Due November 1
  • Cycle 2: Due March 1


Application Cover Sheet

Please use a word processor to supply a cover sheet which includes the following information:

  1. Title of grant
  2. Grant leader (must be a CMC-North member)
  3. CMC #
    • Refer to your ComMuniCator label.
    • Above your name is #nnnnn NOR x# Expire: mm/01/yy.
    • The nnnnn is your number.
    • If it isn’t followed by NOR you are ineligible as you are not a CMC-NORTH member.
  4. Home phone, fax, and e-mail
  5. School name and address
  6. School phone and fax
  7. School site administrator’s name
  8. The number of students the grant will impact
  9. The number of teachers the grant will impact
  10. Amount requested to implement the grant
    • Note: the maximum amount available is $500
  11. Approval signature of the grant leader
  12. Approval signature of the site administrator

Continue on with the project description as outlined on the previous page.


This grant is limited to CMC members and to school sites in the CMC-N area.


Click to get help determining your Section Membership.


Applications must be limited to 5 pages including the CMC-N Mini-Grant Application (see above) cover form.
Send to:

CMC-N Grants
Faralee S. Wright
PO Box 2738
Suisun City, CA 94585-5738