CMC Central


The central section serves educators from Paso Robles through the central valley of California to the Nevada border and to Santa Barbara.

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Cindy Fukuyama, Fresno
President, Central Section

Carl Veater, Fresno
President-Elect, Central Section


Elizabeth Gamino, Fresno
Vice President, Central Section

Stephanie Verners, Visalia
Secretary, Central Section

Scott Ellingson, Sanger
Treasurer, Central Section


CMC Central Affiliates


Central Coast Math Council, CCMC, President: Natalie Mejia
Fresno and Madera Math Educators, FAMME, President: Harlan Elrich
Kern County Math Council, KCMC, President: Kyle Atkin
Stanislaus Math Council, SMC, President: Pamela Mayne
South Valley Math Educators, SVME, President: Tina Setser