Our local affiliated groups are listed here, with links to further information in most cases. We encourage you to join one as an excellent way to get involved, and to extend your influence in improving mathematics education beyond your immediate classroom, school and district. Limited time offer! Get a discount on joint CMC and local affiliate memberships. See the bottom of this page for details.Refer to Section Membership for some additional information on our three sections. Dues are $10 each, except as noted.The eight counties of our Southern Section are served by the following affiliates, arranged more or less from northwest to southeast:

  • Ventura County Math Council, VCMC (dues $15)
  • Greater Los Angeles Mathematics Council, GLAMC (dues $15)
  • San Gabriel Valley Math Council, SGVMC
  • Riverside San Bernardino Math Teachers Association, RSBCMTA
  • Antelope Valley Math Council, AVMC (see Facebook page)
  • Orange County Math Council, OCMC
  • Greater San Diego Math Council, GSDMC
  • Imperial County Math Council, ICMC

The Central Section is served by:

  • Central Coast STEM Collaborative, CCSM (Free)
  • Central Coast Math Council, CCMC
  • Kern County Math Council, KCMC
  • South County Math Council, SCMC (Tulare)
  • Stanislaus Math Council, SMC

The remaining counties in the state (and Northern Nevada) are served by 12 affiliates:

  • Math Council of California’s Far North, MC-N8up:
  • Mt Lassen Math Council, MLMC
  • Northern Nevada Math Council, NNMC (Washoe County and the Reno NV area)
  • Sonoma County Math Council, SCMC
  • Sacramento Area Math Educators, SAME
  • Math Educators of Solano County, MESC
  • San Francisco Math Teachers Association, SFMTA
  • Alameda Contra Costa County Math Educators, AC3ME
  • Council of Math & Science Educators of San Mateo County, CMSESMC
  • Santa Clara Valley Math Association, SCVMA (dues, $15)
  • Monterey Bay Counties Math Educators, MBMC

In addition we have ‘Interest Group’ affiliates serving our teacher education and community college memberships:

  • The California Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators, CAMTE, $20
  • The California Math Council-Community Colleges, CMC3, $35

You can join any of these groups when you also start or renew your CMC membership. Just check the box of each affiliate on your member application, add the amount of dues ($10 for most), and then take ONE $5 discount from the total cost. The discount is available only as one $5 deduction, and only when you pay at the same time for BOTH an affiliate and CMC at the regular rate. See membership for additional information. The PDF form will automatically compute the dues and any discount for you.

One application (click here) for CMC with local affiliates.

Affiliate Leaders – update Affiliate Information online


For national groups, please go to their sites for membership information:

By checking the appropriate box on our membership form, you may send in one form with one easy payment (check, credit card or purchase order) to CMC and we will do the rest. Full-time students and retired educators should contact the organizations directly for rates in these membership categories.