CMC Elections


Elections for state and section officers is open September 1 – 30. Members can vote for the CMC State offices and for the offices in their section as indicated by the section identifier – SOU, NOR, CEN, OOS, OOC. These identifiers can be found on the ComMuniCator mailing label just after your member number. Only California members may vote for section offices.



CMC State Offices



Cathy Carroll, San Mateo


I am honored to be a candidate for President–Elect of the California Mathematics Council. As a former middle school teacher and in my current work of professional development and leadership development for mathematics educators, I have valued my membership and participation in this vital organization for more than years than I care to count. It’s been a pleasure to serve in leadership roles for CMC–North, as a speaker at each of the section conferences, and as a member of the state board at various times in my career. I have also been involved in our national mathematics organizations as Conference Coordinator for NCSM for three years and as Program Chair for the 2015 NCTM Annual Meeting in Boston.

I have a passion for mathematics teaching and learning and am excited that California’s Common Core State Standards present a solid vision of what it means to develop mathematical proficiency A major challenge we face as we continue to forge ahead with implementation is helping the public (including stakeholders such as parents, business, public officials) understand and embrace this vision. At the same time, we need to continue to provide teachers with opportunities to continue to deepen their mathematics understanding and develop their craft. I look forward to the opportunity to work with a great state board to continue to make progress in these areas and achieve the reality of high levels of mathematics learning for all the students of California.

Joan Easterday, Santa Rosa

DSC_0006jeI am honored to be a nominee for President of California Mathematics Council.  I value CMC as a hub in a network of educators dedicated to promoting and advocating for quality mathematics education for every student. Not only does this network include CMC members but it also connects to other like-minded organizations that argue for student success in understanding of mathematics.

In my career as a teacher, district math and science manager, and county office / math project lesson study coordinator, CMC is the organization that keeps me informed.  Attending conferences where the most effective teaching strategies are shared, being up to date on political happenings and textbook adoptions, and having a network of teachers and teacher leaders to inspire and answer questions has been priceless.  Every educator needs to have access to this information, these resources, and support.

CMC has supported my growth as I learn the ins and outs of leadership.  I entered this trajectory as a member of the local affiliate and was encouraged and mentored as I grew from affiliate president, to Northern Section president, to CMC state secretary and now as chair of the Professional Development Committee.  Throughout this work, I have been afforded opportunities to learn, organize, develop connections and friendships with educators throughout the state, and learn about the power of joining forces with others to work for improving education.

With the current emphasis on Common Core State Standards and STEM education, it is critical that CMC maintain its status as a go to organization for mathematics education.  We need to continue to build and strengthen our network in order to support each other as we implement these improvements.  This calls for expanding both CMC membership and our leadership capacity.  There is much good work for all of us to engage in.


State Secretary

Ruby Durias, PhD, Oxnard


I recently retired after 40 years in the field of education. I have taught Math at the elementary, Jr. High, and university levels. During those years, I have had significant experience providing professional development as a district Math director, co-director of numerous equity projects, and leadership in the Tri-County Math Project at UCSB. At the Ventura COE, I have provided training for the BTSA program and Math teacher training.

I have been a member of the CMC and my local affiliate (VCMC) for more than 15 years. I have served locally as president, vice president, mailing and awards chair. I know that it will take a lot of work and perseverance to fully implement the Common Core State Standards. But I know that this can be accomplished if we all work together with the common goal of ensuring an excellent Mathematics education for ALL. I want to be on the team that accomplishes this and will work tirelessly to do it. I would consider it an honor to be Secretary for CMC State.


Melinda Riccardi, Fresno


My name is Melinda Riccardi. I enjoy both interacting mathematically with students, and interacting with teachers around models of students’ mathematics. Since 1993, I have spent time in classrooms as a parent and volunteer, a mathematics teacher, a mathematics consultant and coach; I appreciate the unique perspective afforded by each role. I am currently a research associate at the AIMS Center for Math and Science Education on the campus of Fresno Pacific University and get to spend my day with other educators pondering how it is that a child comes to know number. As a professional organization, CMC became directly relevant to me while a classroom teacher navigating a shift in standards. I found the conferences and professional relationships vital to maintaining personal energy and professional efficacy and was therefore, happy when elected to serve as Central Section secretary from 2010-2012. Should you elect me, I look forward to serving as your CMC State Board secretary and contributing toward a healthy organization in service to the needs of today’s teachers.



State Treasurer

Julie Crozier, Fairfield

JulieCrozier The CMC-State Treasurer is responsible for more than the Budget and Financial Records of the organization. I keep up with the plans and activities of all of the committees in order to keep them advised of available funds. The Treasurer is also a member of the Membership Committee and the Student Activity Trust Board.

As the current State Treasurer I have done all of the before mentioned and worked with the new Executive Secretary to streamline the accounting process. I have been an active member of both the North Section of CMC and the MESC Affiliate for many years. I have gained much experience as the Registrar of the North Conference at Asilomar and as the Treasurer for Mathematics Educators of Solano County.

I believe in the Mission of CMC and I would be pleased to apply the knowledge gained in these last two years as Treasurer to a second term.


Bruce Grip, Redlands

Bruce Grip CMC “It is my turn to give back.” That is what I said to myself years ago when I asked if I could serve on a committee with the Riverside Math Teachers Association, a local affiliate of CMC. Since then, my fifteen-year journey of involvement in volunteer roles has included four years as program chair then four years as conference chair/vice-president for CMC-South. Recently I was given the privilege to serve on the 2010 CA Academic Content Standards Commission followed by a role on the CA Math Framework Committee.


One year ago I retired from public school teaching after thirty-seven years as a high school mathematics teacher. Although retired, making mathematics meaningful for all students is still my goal. I continue to promote mathematical modeling as the vehicle for connecting mathematics, students and the real world. I continue to support teachers via presentations and committee work.


I welcome the opportunity to serve as your CMC state treasurer and bring my experience to this role.


CMC North Offices


Rita Nutsch, Chico


I am currently the CMC-N Secretary and am looking forward to serving another term. After leaving the classroom last year, with close to thirty years of experience as a middle school mathematics teacher, I am now the Mathematics Coordinator at Glenn County Office of Education. I am thoroughly enjoying the challenge of supporting the teachers in fully implementing Common Core State Standards. I also continue to teach part-time for Butte Community College. I look forward to continuing to take an active role in promoting my passion for the teaching of mathematics.

North Vice President

Ana England, Watsonville

It is with pleasure that I throw my hat in the ring again and run for the office of Vice-President of CMC-North. These last two years have been exciting and rewarding. I have learned a lot and would like to put that experience to use by continuing as Program Chair for our Asilomar conference. I have been a math educator for 38 years, first as a middle school teacher and now as the math/science supervisor and lecturer in the MA/Credential Program at UC, Santa Cruz. I bring to this office many years of experience in putting on conferences. I served on the CMC-N program committee for 4 years, the NCTM program committee for the annual conference in Philadelphia for 3 years and on the MESA advisors conference committee for 5 years. I am organized and understand the importance of hitting deadlines. Some of my other qualifications are National Board Certification in Early Adolescence Mathematics, past Director of the Monterey Bay Area Mathematics Project, and IMP teacher trainer.


North Secretary

Erik Moll, Oakland

ecmMy name is Erik Moll, and I am a District Math Specialist in Oakland Unified School District with a focus on Middle School mathematics.  My roles and responsibilities range from classroom support at focus middle school sites to K-12 math intervention lead for OUSD.

What is most relevant to me in my work is that students develop a strong academic disposition through an equitable math curriculum and innovative instruction aligned to the Common Core.  By equitable, I am suggesting that the curriculum includes engaging tasks that have multiple access points for students to approach the work, and instruction where teachers structure group collaboration and individual work time in a way that builds on each student’s self-efficacy in mathematics.

My professional history is 11 years teaching 6th grade in Hayward Unified School District in Hayward, CA, and 7 years as a District Elementary and Middle School School Math Specialist in Oakland Unified School District.

I have a BS in Communications from Boston University, an M.Ed in Elementary Education and Curriculum from Arizona State University, and an Administrative Services Credential from California State East Bay University.


Alison Nash, Oakland

photoI am very excited to be running for CMC-North Secretary. I have been involved with CMC-North for the past 11 years and had the great fortune of working with the organization during my year of student teaching in McKinleyville, CA.  I have served as the equipment chair for the annual CMC conference at Asilomar for the past 8 years and have been the NCTM representative for the past 4 years.  I believe that my experience with CMC provides an excellent preparation for the secretary position.


I taught middle school in San Rafael and Oakland for 9 years. At KIPP Bridge in Oakland, I also served as the school data director and helped teachers use data to drive instruction improvement and success. I recently moved to San Lorenzo High School where I am helping restructure the Algebra curriculum as the Algebra lead teacher as well as teaching Algebra 9 and Algebra 10-12. I am also currently pursuing a MS in Mathematics Education at CSU East Bay.
I am dedicated to the CMC and have been looking forward for an opportunity to get even more involved. I feel my organization skills, passion for math education, and dedication to the organization make me a perfect candidate for this job.


North Treasurer

Brian Lim, Sacramento

I’ve been a member of CMC for 17 years and I’ve been a part of the CMC-N board member as a local affiliate rep for over 15 years.  During this time, I have been the CMC-N treasurer last two years as well as have volunteered in various CMC-N committees including six years in the Asilomar program committee.  My “regular job” is at Sacramento State University in the Department of Teaching Credentials.  I teach mathematics method courses for both single subject and multiple subject credential students.  I have been also actively involved with my local affiliate, Sacramento Area Mathematics Educators (SAME), in various activities including program committee and affiliate webmaster.  My dedication to local affiliate as well as the CMC-N shows that I do not take responsibility as a small matter. I’ve always taken my positions of responsibility seriously, and I know that this will not change.  I think that my various experience in local affiliate and this organization as well as my dedication makes me prepared to work at the CMC-N leadership level for a second term as the CMC-N Treasurer.


CMC Central Offices

Central President-Elect

Cindy Fukuyama, Fresno

CinyI have worked for Madera Unified for 30 years spending 16 years in the classroom and 14 years as a math coach, math trainer and Coordinator of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment.  I have created district wide math training programs for Madera Unified, am a  SJVMP alumni, active participant in the Central Valley Math Network (10 years) and have served on the Central CMC board as NCTM Delegate for the last 2 years. We are teaching in very exciting times and need to seize all the opportunities that the Common Core State Standards are bringing to our teachers.  I would appreciate the opportunity to serve the Central CMC in the capacity of President Elect.

Carl Veater, Fresno

carlI have been involved in mathematics education for over 20 years. I was a classroom teacher for 11 years and have spent the last 12 years as the Secondary Mathematics Coordinator for the Fresno County Office of Education. Most of my time is spent helping teachers and schools become better at delivering a quality mathematics education for every student. As CMC Central’s president I would continue to advocate for the kind of mathematics instruction that will inspire and motivate our students and prepare them for whatever future they can imagine for themselves.


Central Vice President

Liz Gamino, Fresno

LizElizabeth Gamino, is a Research Associate at the AIMS Center for Math and Science Education. Before coming to AIMS Liz worked in public education for 24 years working with inner city schools in the Fresno Unified School District. After teaching elementary grades for 12 years, Liz spent 2 years as a teacher on special assignment working in the Mathematics Department.  Her last 8 years with Fresno Unified she served as the Content Manager for Pre-K-12 Mathematics & Science. In addition to the work she has done within Fresno Unified, she has supported Fresno County Office of Education with textbook trainings (AB466/SB472) and professional development. Liz is a member of the California Mathematics Network representing Region 7, formerly Algebra Forum. Additionally, Liz works with the Council of Great City Schools where she presently serves on their Mathematics Advisory team, she has also served on their Bilingual Education, Key Performance Indicators and Innovative Professional Development committees.

My decision to run for the position of Vice President for CMC Central stems from my desire to provide educators with opportunities to enhance their instructional practice while keeping current with research as it relates to how students construct meaning of mathematics, while deepening their own content knowledge.


Javier Garcia, Clovis

JavI am running for Vice President of CMC-Central. I hope to help raise the profile of mathematics education in the central valley, giving our teachers and administrators opportunities to develop their practice and strengthen ties throughout the network of mathematics educators so that our students can benefit from knowing how to explore and apply the richness of mathematics both within and beyond the classroom.


Javier Garcia is a Mathematics Specialist for the Tulare County Office of Education. This role has consisted of supporting local districts (TK-12) in their implementation of the new standards for mathematics, working with math coaches and teachers as well as district and site level administrators in a number of capacities. Additionally, he has presented at workshops both locally as well as various conferences throughout the state. Prior to joining the math department at Tulare County Office of Education, Javier taught middle school mathematics at Washington Intermediate School in Dinuba for over 10 years, serving several years as math department co-chair. He also spent a year doing outreach work with high school students through the University of California’s Early Academic Outreach Program.


Central Secretary

Geoff Dean, Sanger

I have been working in the Clovis Unified School District as a teacher for the last 18 years.  Fifteen of those years were spent at Clovis High School.  For the past 3 years, I have been a teacher on special assignment working with teachers as we develop curriculum and learn new instructional strategies to implement the Common Core State Standards.  I have also been an adjunct faculty member of the Clovis Community College Center for the past 8.5 years.  I joined CMC 6 years ago and served as the Central Section Vice-President for the last two.  I would like to continue serving the teachers and educators in our section by providing them with insight, training, and resources to improve their school and classroom experiences as it relates to mathematics.


Christine Roberts, Visalia

Christine_RobertsIt is my desire to run and serve as the CMC Central Secretary to support the educators in our area with current mathematics education, research and best practices to support their work with students. As a part of CMC Central, I hope to inspire and support teachers and administrators as they provide rich mathematical experiences for their students, deepening their understanding and passion for mathematics.


Christine Roberts is currently in her fourth year as a Mathematics Staff Development and Curriculum Specialist for Tulare County Office of Education. In her role with TCOE, Christine works with local districts to create systems for district-wide CCSSM implementation, support teachers and administrators in a variety of capacities, and provide on-going professional development at the county office and in the field. Before joining the TCOE team, she was a middle school mathematics teacher for seven years for Dinuba Unified School District. During her time in Dinuba, she was the Math Department Co-Chair and she facilitated a district-wide Algebra PLC engaging teachers from different school sites in conversations to support all students in learning algebra. Christine also taught 5th grade for two years with Tulare City School District, where she developed her love of teaching mathematics and understanding how children learn. Christine is a member of the California Mathematics Network, formerly Algebra Forum, representing Region VII. Christine serves as a State Team Leader for Western Region 2 for NCSM and co-presented at NCSM this year.


Central Treasurer

Scott Ellingson, Sanger

Serving another term as your CMC Central Treasurer would be a great honor. I have been in education for 18+ years now, ranging from teacher in upper elementary to high school math teacher to math coach and department chair and now moving to the Madera County Office of Education as a math specialist. I have seen the challenges teachers face at all of these levels and try very hard to keep those challenges in mind as part of the CMC Central board.

I am proud to be part of the CMC Central board and the direction we have taken. We have seen resurgence in the section from membership numbers to adding or renewing affiliates. Continuing to strengthen the section and providing opportunities for the teachers and administrators of the section has been a great experience that I would like to continue.

I would greatly appreciate your support and vote that will allow me to bring all of these experiences to represent the Central Section for another term.


CMC South Offices

South President-Elect

Rosa Serratore, Santa Monica

pres-electOur State CMC Facebook and Twitter feeds have recently invited our members to read “15 characteristics of 21st century teachers”, http://tinyurl.com/q6wskhw. Of particular interest in Edutopia’s article is the need for classification of skills pertinent to and highlighted for this century. I read this with the lens of leadership outside the classroom, which mirror the noted 15 for in the classroom. As secretary to CMC-South’s Executive Board the past four years, I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with our affiliate boards in bringing research based practices to fellow mathematics educators throughout southern California as they implement our new state standards. I have also supported our 53rd-56th annual mathematics conference in Palm Springs during this exciting time in mathematics education.


I have 29 years of classroom, department, teacher leader, and coordinator experience in Toronto Canada and Long Beach and Santa Monica-Malibu California. As member of NCTM since my student days at the University of Toronto and CMC member since moving to CA, I stay on my journey of lifelong learner and remain current with best practices by being a member of the CA Mathematics Framework committee, participating in the NAEP alignment study led by Norman Webb, of DOK fame, contributing to the MDTP work out of UC/CSU and to various research studies with UCLA’s CRESST, and by fostering various network opportunities so that much can be shared when coming together with fellow and future CMC members.


My recent CMC leadership passions: leveraging all that our new technologies and social media can offer to assist us in bringing our organization to the next level and nurturing this century’s generation of mathematics educators and the students and communities they serve. More than your vote of confidence, I enlist your support in developing CMC-South’s global, digital footprint so that we can innovate and keep learning together in various formats and capacities.



South Vice President

Carol Treglio, San Diego

imageI have been a teacher, a research teacher, a coach, a staff developer and a curriculum writer in my many years in education and  I feel very strongly that it is important for teachers to have the opportunity to learn from colleagues as well as experts and researchers so that they can provide the best learning opportunities for their students.   I have grown immensely as a professional by being part of CMC and serving on the board.


I have been a long time member of CMC and have had several different rolls, from committee chair of the conference to NCTM rep to VP and Conference Chair.

During the past two years it has been my pleasure to serve as VP and Conference Chair.   Coordinating the conference is a big part of my job and if re-elected, I will continue to work hard with a talented and dedicated team.


I would like to continue as your VP and Conference Chair of CMC-South.


South Secretary

Kristin Hartloff, Tustin

Profile PicI have been an educator for 15 years, as a teacher, Instructional Coach, and TOSA. I have my MS in Curriculum and Instruction and my Ed.D. from Cal State Fullerton in P-12 Educational Leadership. I am currently the Secondary STEM TOSA in Tustin Unified. As a TOSA, I support classroom teachers and administrators with content-specific curriculum, research-based instructional strategies, differentiation, and student engagement. I helped to lead the work in TUSD in developing our secondary math curricular units, and coordinate professional development opportunities for teachers led by teachers and professionals in the field. I am passionate about STEM, and my work centers around building capacity in our district teacher and administrator leaders to arm students with the skills needed to succeed in STEM fields.

South Treasurer

Jim Short, Ojai

JimI am happy to offer my services in the role of treasurer for CMC-S. I have been actively involved with CMC and my local affiliate, the Ventura County Math Council, for well over 20 years. In those years I have been a regular participant in, and presenter at, conferences. For several years I assisted in the work of organizing college student volunteers at the Palm Springs conference. I have benefited immensely over the years by the hard work done by others in keeping CMC strong, through the conferences and other services provided by CMC for its members. I would like to give back a little by serving in the capacity of treasurer for CMC-S.

I have served as treasurer of a local church in the past, so I have a clear understanding of the importance of keeping clear and transparent records in the non-profit sector. If elected to this position, I would take the role seriously and give it the attention it deserves. I would be honored to serve as treasurer for CMC-S.