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Elections for state and section officers is open September 1 – 30. Members can vote for the CMC State offices and for the offices in their section as indicated by the section identifier – SOU, NOR, CEN, OOS, OOC. These identifiers can be found on the ComMuniCator mailing label just after your member number. Only California and Northern Nevada members may vote for section offices.

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CMC State Offices


Christine Roberts, Visalia


I am honored to be running for the role of President-Elect for the California Mathematics Council. I have been actively involved with CMC for 6 years. During that time I have presented at conferences, served as the CMC Central Secretary, and worked to establish and support CMC affiliates in my region. I value my membership because of the support it provides me through professional learning regarding mathematics education research and best practices to support my on-going work with teachers and students.

Christine Roberts is currently in her seventh year as a Mathematics Staff Development and Curriculum Specialist for the Tulare County Office of Education. In her role with TCOE, Christine works with local districts to create systems for district-wide CCSSM implementation, supports teachers and administrators in a variety of capacities, and provides on-going professional support at the county office and with school districts across the county. Before joining the TCOE team, she was a middle school mathematics teacher and a self-contained elementary school teacher. Christine developed her love of teaching mathematics and understanding how children learn while teaching elementary school and pursued her passion by teaching mathematics at the middle school level. She shares her deep commitment to mathematics education as she presents locally, at CMC conferences, and at the national NCTM and NCSM conferences in her efforts to inspire and support teachers and administrators as they provide rich mathematical experiences for their students, deepening their understanding and passion for mathematics.

It would be a great honor to serve as President-Elect for the California Mathematics Council, contributing to the work being done to positively impact student achievement, communicating research based practices so that they can be implemented in classroom instruction, and continuing CMC’s commitment to a rigorous and challenging mathematics program for all students.

State Secretary

April Goodman-Orcutt, San Jose

I am so excited to be given this opportunity to  run for State Secretary!  I have been involved with CMC since the mid 90s as both a member and then a few years later as a volunteer at the Asilomar Math Conference.  I was lucky enough to hold the positions of CMC-N Vice-President/Program Chair, President-Elect and President, as well as being the State Treasurer for a few terms.  I am so passionate about our organization and feel privileged to continue to work in some capacity for the future of our state’s students and teachers.  I believe so completely in the vision of CMC that all students have the capacity to become mathematically competent and confident when provided a rigorous and challenging mathematical program supported by high expectations.  As a middle school teacher for over 20 years, I am always working towards this goal. I am also involved with my local affiliate as the Treasurer for SCVMA and have held various leadership roles in my district, such as Department chair and been on the adoption committee for two different cycles.  If elected, I would be honored to continue my work with the amazing educators of the State Board and up and down the state of California. Thank you for your consideration.


Bernadette Salgarino, Mountain House

Screen Shot 2017-06-24 at 4.10.33 PMI am honored to be running for the role of secretary for the California Mathematics Council. I believe and support mathematics education that empowers all students to become mathematically competent and confident when faced with mathematical challenges. I am committed to focus on infusing a culture of equity in all aspects of CMC. I will continue to take actions in ensuring that all stakeholders are supported in every opportunity and responsibility that promotes access to and equity in mathematics education.

As a CMC member for 14 years, I have been actively involved in supporting students, teachers, parents and administrators through my affiliation with the Santa Clara County Office of Education (SCCOE) as the mathematics coordinator, member of the Instructional Leadership Corps, Community of Practice, and the CA Core Advocates, and participant to numerous initiatives. My extensive experience of providing support to all stakeholders such as parents, community leaders, administrators, teachers, coaches, and most importantly students have benefitted SCCOE community of its expansion to support them more.

If elected to this position, I would support and extend CMC’s current advocacy efforts. CMC has the knowledge, experience, and skills to support state and national affiliates in advocating for continued professional learning opportunities for teachers and administrators, and increasing the access to quality mathematics education for all students! I lead because I want to make a difference in the lives of teachers, students, parents, and administrators. I value equitable and excellent mathematics education that can empower and impact students from all backgrounds to empower students as lifelong learners.


State Treasurer

Bruce Grip, Redlands

Bruce Grip CMC

Three years ago I retired from public school teaching after thirty-seven years as a high school mathematics teacher and teacher on special assignment. Although retired, making mathematics meaningful for all students is still my goal. I continue to promote mathematical modeling as the vehicle for connecting mathematics, students and the real world. I continue to support teachers via presentations and committee work and as a part time university field faculty advisor. My wife and I, together, share the privilege of presenting Math Festivals to elementary and middle school students and their families.

My seventeen-year journey of involvement in volunteer roles for CMC has included four years as program chair then four years as conference chair/vice-president for CMC-South and now the past two years as your CMC State Treasurer. I was also given the privilege to serve on the 2010 CA Academic Content Standards Commission followed by a role on the CA Math Framework Committee in 2012.

I welcome the opportunity to continue to serve as your CMC State Treasurer and bring my experience to this role.


CMC North Offices


Sarah Ives, Sacramento

I consider it an honor to run for President-Elect of California Mathematics Council – North. I believe that foremost mathematics is beautiful, that learning mathematics is powerful, and that all learners deserve experiences where they have the opportunity to discover these beliefs for themselves. I became a member of CMC-N when I joined the faculty of the College of Education at Sacramento State in 2014. The past two years, and this year I am serving the board as the Coordinator of Preservice Teacher Volunteers at Asilomar. I have found this position extremely rewarding and am eager to assume more responsibility and leadership within the organization.

I am an assistant professor of mathematics education at California State University, Sacramento. Prior to joining CSUS, I was an assistant professor of mathematics at Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi. While in Texas, I served as President of the NCTM affiliate Coastal Council of Teachers of Mathematics. I earned my PhD in Mathematics Education from North Carolina State University. My research interests include: motivation, beliefs, and written communication in learning mathematics; incorporating artifacts of practice in teacher education; and teacher-led professional development.


North Vice President

Brandon Dorman, Los Gatos

dormanprofileI am excited to be running for CMC North Vice President! I taught middle and high school math in Fresno for 9 years as well as various curriculum support roles. In 2015 my family and I moved to the Bay Area in to work as a math content expert for a company specializing in Open Educational Resources. I began assisting CMC in 2013 with the Central Section on social media and have attended all CMC conferences for this role since 2015. Given this background, I am passionate about ways to expand CMC’s reach through advocacy, curricular leadership, and mathematical community awareness. I believe that technology plays a crucial role in more equitable math instruction but it has to start with the training and support teachers receive.

The CMC North Vice President’s primary role is running the Conference Program Committee. I will be able to use my technology knowledge to help speakers and participants feel more connected and empowered to use the conference as a springboard for true change throughout Northern California and beyond. For more information please email me brandon.dorman@gmail.com or follow me on social media; @dormanmath


Monica Rock, Hayward

imageI am honored to be running for the Program Chair for the CMC North conference.  I have enjoyed being part of this committee for the last few years helping to create a great program for the participants.  I have been a member of CMC for the last 15 years and it has been a wonderful experience.  Through CMC I have improved my mathematics knowledge and expanded my teaching expertise in mathematics.  I have been fortunate to be able to be a speaker at Asilomar many times and have thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I have been an educator for 29 years and have worked in both Oakland Unified and am currently the Coordinator of Curriculum and Instruction in Hayward Unified School District.


North Secretary

Brennan Brockbank, San Francisco

B-headshotBrennan Brockbank is the K-8 STEM Coordinator for the Ravenswood City School District in East Palo Alto. He serves on the CMC-North Conference Committee. Brennan is currently the president of the Council of Science and Math Educators of San Mateo County which hosts an annual STEM Conference in February.





Alison Nash, Oakland


I am very excited to be running, again, for CMC-North Secretary. I have been involved with CMC-North for the past 13 years and had the great fortune of working with the organization during my year  of  student teaching in McKinleyville, CA.  I served as the equipment chair for the annual CMC conference at Asilomar for 8 years and was the NCTM representative for 4 years.  I believe that my experience with CMC provides for an excellent continuation as secretary.

I taught middle school in San Rafael and Oakland for 9 years. At KIPP Bridge in Oakland, I also served as the school data director and helped teachers use data to drive instruction improvement and success. At San Lorenzo High School I am helping restructure the Algebra curriculum as the Algebra lead teacher as well as teaching Algebra 10-12 and AP Calculus AB. I am also currently pursuing a MS in Mathematics Education at CSU East Bay.

I am dedicated to CMC and eager to continue to grow as secretary of the North. I feel my organization skills, passion for math education, and dedication to the organization make me a perfect candidate for this job.


North Treasurer

Brian Lim, Sacramento

limI’ve been a member of CMC since 1998 and have been a part of the CMC-N board member as a local affiliate representative since 2002.  During this time, I have been the CMC-N treasurer for last four years as well as have volunteered in various CMC-N committees including six years as a member of the Asilomar Conference program committee.  My “regular job” is at Sacramento State University in the Department of Teaching Credentials.  I teach mathematics method courses for both single subject and multiple subjects credential candidates.  I have been also actively involved with my local affiliate, Sacramento Area Mathematics Educators (SAME).  My dedication to local affiliate as well as the CMC-N shows that I do not take responsibility as a small matter.  I think that my various experience in local affiliate and this organization as well as my dedication makes me prepared to work at the CMC-N leadership level for another term as a CMC-N Treasurer.


CMC Central Offices

Central President-Elect

Carl Veater, Fresno

carlI have been involved in mathematics education for over 20 years. I was a classroom teacher for 11 years and have spent the last 13 years as the Secondary Mathematics Coordinator for the Fresno County Office of Education. Most of my time is spent helping teachers and schools become better at delivering a quality mathematics education for every student. As CMC Central’s president I would continue to advocate for the kind of mathematics instruction that will inspire and motivate our students and prepare them for whatever future they can imagine for themselves.


Central Vice President

Elizabeth Gamino, Fresno

Liz GaminoI am deeply passionate that ALL students receive a quality mathematics education, one that ensures success for ALL. Thus, it is my desire to serve educators by building an infrastructure that supports the teaching and learning of mathematics through current research and proven practices. Should I be elected to serve as Vice President of CMC Central I will continue to work in tandem with educators supporting the mathematical experiences provided to students, to deepen their students understanding while developing a passion for mathematics.

I am currently working as a Research Associate at the AIMS Center for Math and Science Education, studying how children construct their mathematical knowledge.  I have just over 26 years of PK-12 experience, ranging from a classroom teacher to a district administrator overseeing Mathematics and Science.In addition to California Math Council – Central section, I am a member of NCTM, NAEYC, CAEYC and TODOS, serve as a member of the School Readiness work group for The Children’s Movement, and as a board member for Stone Soup Fresno.


Terri Gibbs-Burke, San Luis Obispo

It is a privilege to run and serve as the CMC Central Vice President to support the educators and administrators in the Central Section of California as we continue implementation of the California Math Standards for student success.  I hope to support and inspire with best practices and research, teachers and administrators as they provide mathematics education that inspires our current and future students.

Terri Gibbs-Burke has been a Teacher on Special Assignment, specializing in Mathematics and Accountability/Assessment for San Luis Obispo County Office of Education for the past two years.  She has provided considerable expertise to administrators, teachers and children in all San Luis Obispo County school districts.  She supports instructional and administrative capability within the local Curriculum Education Council.  Previously, Terri was a high school and middle school math teacher for 15 years. Her love of education and expertise in mathematics have compelled her to be a math coach, conference presenter, conference organizer, and professional development leader in the California Math Standards. She has recently been providing professional development for teachers in all grade levels in both curriculum and assessment. Her expertise extends to both writing questions and scoring for the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium.


Central Secretary

Angie Allen, Fresno

Angie AllenI have a passion for sharing the joy of math in the world and the classroom.  During my time in Madera Unified School District, I moved from working in the middle school math classroom for 5 years to a site Curriculum & Instruction for 2 years and now as an Instructional Technology Coach.  As a Tech Coach, I work closely with teachers of all content areas (although math teachers have a special place in my heart) to create engaging learning scenarios for students to reach learning goals.  Supporting teachers includes providing professional development, lesson demonstrations, and participating in unit planning through RCD (Rigorous Curriculum Design).  Over 7 years in middle school, I served as a mentor teacher, activities director, ASB advisor, Academic Pentathlon coach, Math department chair, leadership team member, and School Site Council member.

I recently completed a Master of Education – Curriculum & Instruction: Technology at Grand Canyon University.  As a lifelong learner, I continuously seek out opportunities to grow in learning Math as well as technology to better serve students and teachers.   In addition to my professional time, I enjoy podcasts, reading (both academic and for pleasure), Words with Friends, and crochet.Should I be elected to the CMC Secretary office, I would work with the council to provide supports for educators to provide meaningful student experiences that would spread the passion for math.


Stephanie Verners, Tulare


I am excited to have an opportunity to serve as CMC Central Secretary, and represent the educators in our area.  I look forward to partnering with administrators and teachers alike, to narrow the achievement gap and provide an equitable math experience for all students.

I am currently in my fourth year as a Mathematics Staff Development and Curriculum Specialist for Tulare County Office of Education. In my role with TCOE, I work with local districts to create systems for district-wide CCSSM implementation, support teachers and administrators in a variety of capacities, and provide on-going professional development at the county office and in the field. I began my career as a middle school mathematics teacher for 8 years, and served on the district mathematics vertical team.  I also served as A.V.I.D. Coordinator and facilitated summer A.V.I.D. Institutes during the summer. I joined Fresno County Office of Education as a mathematics coach for 3 years to support local educators in providing quality instruction in mathematics.

In addition, I served as an elementary site administrator for 7 years. During my tenure, I supported my staff in making the shift to common core state standards.  I also am an instructor for the Madera County Office of Education-Bridges to Leadership Program, supporting educators to earn their administrative credential.  In addition to presenting at CMC-South, I have also co-presented twice at NCSM (2016) and NCTM (2010).

It would be an honor to serve as CMC Central Secretary.  Thank you for your consideration.


Central Treasurer

Scott Ellingson, Sanger

Serving another term as your CMC Central Treasurer would be a great honor. I have been in education for 18+ years now, ranging from teacher in upper elementary to high school math teacher to math coach and department chair and now moving to the Madera County Office of Education as a math specialist. I have seen the challenges teachers face at all of these levels and try very hard to keep those challenges in mind as part of the CMC Central board.

I am proud to be part of the CMC Central board and the direction we have taken. We have seen resurgence in the section from membership numbers to adding or renewing affiliates. Continuing to strengthen the section and providing opportunities for the teachers and administrators of the section has been a great experience that I would like to continue.

I would greatly appreciate your support and vote that will allow me to bring all of these experiences to represent the Central Section for another term.I would greatly appreciate your support and vote that will allow me to bring all of these experiences to represent the Central Section for another term.


Hilda Wright, Bakersfield

Hilda Wright photoIt would be an honor to serve as treasurer for the CMC Central. I plan to collaborate and work with our team to make student learning a priority. I am a strong advocate for ALL students with an emphasis on equity and access. I am committed to our students and teachers and empowering the next future leaders.  I’ve spent the last 24 years dedicated to student learning and 15 years specifically with math education. My heart is committed in providing our K-8 students powerful experiences where they can thrive and learn to love and appreciate mathematics.

Hilda Wright is currently a Math Instructional Specialist for Bakersfield City School District. She is responsible for professional and curriculum development, unit design, school support, managing teacher leadership teams and collaborating with the high school district. She supports school sites in a variety of capacities to include building positive environments and math cultures and is responsible for the district’s annual Math Bowl event. She is the Vice President for the Kern County Math Council. She is a member of TODOS, Mathematics for ALL as well as the California Mathematics Council. Hilda served on the 2010 CA Academic Content Standards Commission and as a commissioner for the CA Commission on Teacher Credentialing. She also spent 10 years as an anchor on the “DO THE MATH” show where students call for help with math on live TV. Hilda is dedicated and passionate about all things mathematics and her goal is for all students to feel confident and desire to learn.


CMC South Offices

South President-Elect

Ed D’Souza, Rialto

ed dsouzaEd D’Souza, Ph.D., is the Lead Academic Agent for Math,Science,College and Carreer in Rialto USD. He has been an educator for over 32 years, 27 with Rialto USD and 5 years as the Math/Science Coordinator for Riverside County Office of Education. Ed has taught mathematics both at the middle and high school. Ed most currently served in the Instructional Quality Commission and was the co-chair of the 2015 Calfornia Mathematics Framework. He also assisted with the Instructional Mathematics Advisory Panel.  Ed has been involved in various math projects both in California and with the US Department of Education. He assisted on the writing team for the AB466 training and with CISC’s AB1331 Math training entitled ‘A Winning Equation’. He has been very involved in mathematics from a district level, county level and state level.  He also was selected in 1999 to be on the US Department of Education Panel for Exemplary Textbooks. He served as the president of the Riverside San Bernardino Mathematics Teachers Association for two terms. He currently works with the conference committee for the materials for the conference.  He has also assisted in putting together CMC-S Leadership Conference, so that administrators and teacher leaders had models and resources  to examine before they implemented the Common Core Mathematics Standards.

Ed’s pledge is to keep California Mathematics Council as a viable resource for teachers, administrators and parents. CMC-S is a professional organization and is there to support the needs of our teachers as they work hard to serve the needs of our diverse student body.A refugee from Myanmar, who grew up in Calcutta, India and came to the United States for high school and college, Ed knows first hand what 2nd language learners face.

As a teacher for 12 years and an administrator, Ed has championed the rights of students to have equity, freedom to choose courses, and to have a 2nd chance to retake tests or quizzes. Ed’s role if elected president-elect, will be to champion the rights of ALL students to succeed in mathematics and all teachers to meet the needs of their diverse students with CMC-S supporting them.


Anna Kwak, San Gabriel

Anna KwakCurrently, I am in my second year as a secondary mathematics teacher on special assignment (TOSA) in Azusa Unified. This year, I supported the math teachers, administrators, and parents in our first year of implementation of College Preparatory Mathematics (CPM) for 6th grade – Integrated III. Coming out of the classroom and observing the math progression that students learned through CPM this year makes me excited because they will be better prepared mathematically in high school!

In my 18 years as a teacher, I was the Academic Decathlon coach, 11th-grade AVID teacher and math department chairperson. As an educator in a low-socioeconomic district, student motivation, student academics, and math curriculum were my main focuses. In 2004, I received the following awards:  Los Angeles County Teacher of the Year, Los Angeles County Academic Decathlon Coach of the Year, and a nominee for the Educator of the Year by the California League of High Schools. I am a life-long learner and I am constantly finding ways to improve my profession. I received both of my master’s degree at California State University, Los Angeles in secondary instruction and educational administration. In 2014, I received my doctorate in educational leadership from Azusa Pacific University.

Katie Lusk stated, “Education means inspiring someone’s mind, not just filling their head.” This resonated with me because the previous educational generations students went to school to learn facts and information about the job field that was offered then. Now, in this new age of STEM education, it is not enough to know how to do the job, but we need to prepare our students to be a creative and an inspired thinker for when they are ready to get a job. As the future CMC South president, I want to continue the work that was paved before me and develop learning communities to share knowledge and practice with each other to better prepare our future students.


Nita Walker, Orange

Nita walkerNita served as Vice President/Conference Chair for CMC-South from 2006 to 2009. Prior to that, she was the Local Arrangements Chair for the NCTM Annual Meeting in Anaheim in 2005. Throughout the past 25 years, she has been active with Orange County Math Council, as Treasurer, President, and Math Field Day coordinator. She currently serves on the ComMuniCator Editorial Panel, working to produce five issues of this award-winning journal each year.

Nita was the elementary mathematics specialist for Santa Ana Unified for eleven years, before her retirement in 2015. Last fall, she began teaching mathematics methods for elementary teacher candidates at Cal State Fullerton.

As your CMC-South President, I will work tirelessly to bring a voice to all educators. I will actively seek out the underserved and give them a channel through which they can express their vision for equity. I will speak out passionately about the importance of quality mathematics in everyone’s life, and help others see the mathematics they use everyday as important work. I will collaborate with other organizations to include mathematics education as part of their dynamic plan for cross-disciplinary work. Together, we can give an increased focus to mathematics education for all students.


South Vice President

Carol Treglio, San Diego

Carol TreglioIt has been my pleasure to serve you as Vice President and Conference Chair of California Mathematics Council –South.  During that time I coordinated the efforts of the conference committee, a wonderful group of committed people whose focus is on a great 2-day conference. It has been a pleasure to work with them and as well as working with the leadership team.  I also welcome any who would like to get involved.  I welcome new ideas and hands to help make those ideas a reality.

I am committed to providing a topnotch conference that will fit the needs of our mathematical community and I would like to continue that work for another 2 years.


South Secretary

Kristin Hartloff, Tustin

Job Title: Secondary Curriculum Coordinator  – helping support all middle schools and high schools with their goals in moving their sites forward with curriculum and instruction; overseeing the elementary music program

Has worked in education for almost 20 years – before current position, served as a STEM TOSA for Tustin Unified.Prior to coming to TUSD, Kristin was an instructional coach for Garden Grove Unified School District. She also worked for Garden Grove Unified as a classroom teacher at both the elementary and middle school levels.Kristin has a Bachelor’s degree in Dance from Chapman University; a master’s degree in curriculum and instruction from California State University, Fullerton; and a doctorate in educational leadership from California State University, Fullerton.

I am happy to offer my services to continue in the role of secretary for CMC-S. I have been actively involved with CMC and have served as secretary on the board of my local affiliate, the Orange County Math Council, for the past three years. I have attended and participated in numerous CMC-S conferences, including Palm Springs. I have served as secretary of CMC-S for the past two years. The work that CMC does to support mathematics instruction in our state is extremely valuable, and I would be grateful to continue to contribute to this effort as secretary for CMC-S.


South Treasurer

Jim Short, Ojai


I am happy to offer my services to continue in the role of treasurer for CMC-S.  I have been actively involved with CMC and my local affiliate, the Ventura County Math Council, for well over 20 years.  In those years I have been a regular participant in, and presenter at, conferences.  For several years I assisted in the work of organizing college student volunteers at the Palm Springs conference, and for the past two years I have served as treasurer.  I continue to benefit from the hard work done by the many CMC volunteers who keep the conferences and other services provided by CMC for its members going.  I am glad to be able to contribute to this effort in the capacity of treasurer for CMC-S.

I have a clear understanding of the importance of keeping clear and transparent records in the non-profit sector.  I take the role seriously and give it the attention it deserves.  It would be an honor to continue serving as treasurer for CMC-S.