Lurie Center Award Background


Lurie Center, as an elementary classroom and mathematics laboratory teacher, as a mathematics resource teacher, and as President of the California Mathematics Council-South, exemplified leadership. She dedicated her teaching career to improve the mathematics literacy of students.Lurie was an exciting, innovative, inspiring educator whose leadership extended beyond the San Diego area to state and national levels. She served on the San Diego Mathematics Project Equity Task Force, and helped to organize mathematics conferences for teachers and parents in the San Diego area. She provided staff development opportunities for teachers through the San Diego County Office of Education, and served on the Advisory Committee of the California Mathematics Project. She also worked on the development of new mathematics assessment items for the national New Standards Project. Her professional affiliations included the Greater San Diego Mathematics Council, the California Mathematics Council, the Benjamin Banneker Mathematics Association, and the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.


Most importantly, Lurie Center dedicated herself to making a positive impact on fellow African-Americans. She started the African-American Males Club at Grant Elementary School in San Diego. This club, which Lurie voluntarily directed, focused on improving the self-esteem of young African-American males and encouraging them to pursue career goals. Additionally, she served as an outstanding leader and role model for young women as they experienced the Rites of Passage of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.


Lurie Center’s extended family of fellow mathematics educators across the country knew her well: she was a warm, outgoing, optimistic person who brought perfect strangers as well as friends into her heart. Her dedication, encouragement, and teaching expertise motivated countless students and teachers. She was a determined, inspiring, truly professional educator who always put her students first. We will all miss her warmth, humor, professionalism, and leadership. She truly inspired everyone she touched!