Alameda-Contra Costa Council of Mathematics Educators
AC3ME is your local affiliate of the California Mathematics
Council, serving K–12 mathematics educators in Alameda and
Contra Costa Counties, and throughout the greater Bay area.
Our goals are to promote effective learning of mathematics at all
levels of instruction; to share knowledge, communication and
expertise among math educators; to give input to local districts
and math organizations; to help all teachers develop
competence, confidence, and teaching skills in mathematics.
The members of AC3ME believe that quality teaching and good
mathematics programs are key to all students’ success, and that
all students should be exposed to the beauty and power of math.
This year we are sponsoring a number of free events for
mathematics educators, including a series of seminars on the
Common Core. We invite all math educators to join us for these
and other related events.
For more information about AC3ME, and to see a more complete
and detailed listing of our events and other math related events
in the Bay Area, please join our online Meetup group: